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Sunday Email: my landing page formula (with examples) ❤️

This email was sent out to my email list on September 20, 2020.

Sunday EmailsNik Sharma

Happy Sunday!! I hope if you’re reading this, you got 8 hours of sleep last night and have drank at least 1 gallon of water to drink by now.

Today, I wanted to quickly touch on something that I love more than anything in the world of eCommerce/DTC/CPG growth — landing pages, especially those optimized for driving conversion.

Landing pages, for the purpose of this email’s context, are pages that are put between the platform from where you’re driving traffic, and what you’re ultimately trying to get the user to, whether it’s a product page, where they customize a product or the cart, so they can checkout.

For different types of products/verticals/AOV’s/goals, you have different landing pages that you might use. Here are some of the common ones:​

  • Hero style landing page (this features a single product/offer)
  • Build your own bundle page (this is where customers might build a bundle)
  • Quizzes (using data points gathered in a quiz, you serve a product for them to buy)
  • Click Through LP (this is like a collections page, but heavily optimized for selling the WHY)
  • Listicles

The main idea with landing pages is you want to sell the WHY, not the WHAT aka the products. The best landing pages can take someone who’s never heard of the product/brand and push them through the entire “funnel” in one step, showing them why they need the product, the benefits, what they get out of it, how it’ll improve their lives, why it’s better than any other product that might do the same thing, etc.​

At the end of the day, think of it this way… if you were speaking to a 12 year old who always asks “But whyyyyy?”, you should be hitting all those “Why’s” as the consumer is scrolling down the page.

Before I get into what sections I like into a landing page, just know that this is ALL stuff from my day-to-day practices. I’m not making any of this up, it’s all tried and true.​

Whenever I put together a landing page, here are the sections I like to make sure I include:

  • Hero
    • This should include a headline, in a way that sounds on brand/conversational
    • In addition, a sub-head that compliments the main headline
    • Include a product photo
    • Include some social proof (ex: 20,000 5-star reviews)
    • Include pricing and the discounted price, if one (you can’t expect them to scroll if not)
  • WHY Section
    • Literally explain it to a 12 year old here. Don’t use any fancy words… K.I.S.S.
  • How It Works
    • You want to make sure that you also demonstrate how the product works. I recommend using icons + minimal text for this. It should be understandable at a quick glance.
  • Brag Bar
    • BRAG AWAY!! This is either a customer quote, a press quote, a few press logos, a few logos + quotes about the product.
    • I always recommend here to make sure the quotes you use, if you do quotes, really push value props of the product you’re selling. Don’t just use a generic quote that sounds cool about the brand.
  • Shop Section
    • This is now a couple of sections into the page, so now it’s your turn to sell after educating this customer. You want this to include everything and show all the value someone’s getting.
    • Include a product photo, quantities, a coupon code (if applicable), and highlight things with social proof, similar to in the hero.
    • If this is a single product you’re pushing, then the ADD TO CART button in this section should drop the customer right into the cart with the product and coupon code applied. Make this process of checking as EASY as possible.
    • Comparison section
    • Why is YOUR product better than the competitors, and who are competitors that this customer might know of? Outline them in a visual chart and show them something that makes it obvious your product is better (don’t lie, be honest).
  • Customer reviews
    • There’s no better social proof than actually show-casing customer reviews.
    • Similar to the press quotes, focus on pushing customer quotes that evangelize the benefits the customer had, or value props you want to really push.
  • Ingredients (for food/beverage)
    • If you don’t show ingredients, and you’re a food/beverage product, you’re losing out on a ton of people who will have immediate questions. Always include this section.
  • Another shop section — identical to the first one
  • Footer

That’s my ideal setup for a landing page pushing a single product or bundle. I’ll drop some example links below of landing pages my team has made:​







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Nik Sharma

CEO, Sharma Brands