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Sunday Email: Paid media strategy + I’ll send you a bottle of wine

This email was sent out to my email list on November 08, 2020.

Sunday EmailsNik Sharma

Well, hello there!

What a week it's been, amiright? I don't think I've ever had a full bottle of wine, by myself, in one night before... but I did this week. And, it was a DTC brand, Empathy Wines! Do me a HUGE favor, can you reply and tell me your favorite kind of wine? I’ll pick a couple of you and send a bottle or two out your way :)​

Today's email is about paid media, creative, and best practices. But, before that...

Some cool updates on my end, that were nice distractions. I became a part owner in a company called The Fascination (more on that below)! Chrissy Teigan, Addison Rae, Kris Jenner, and others loved our JUDY for your Booty product (SHARMAVIP gets you free shipping)! JUDY's marketing got an A+ from an agency that did a teardown (unsolicited). I'm launching a personal website soon (shoutout to Progress Labs). Oh, and I know I like talking a lot about JUDY, but WE GOT FEATURED IN OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS 2020!! (I'm still screaming about this)

Quick summary on The Fascination: Think marketplace + content to aggregate the shopping experience for many of these eCommerce brands. It's founded by the same founder who took Leesa from $0 to $130M in rev, and I couldn't be more excited. If you have a brand, I encourage you to apply (click here to apply) and join the 75+ brands we’re launching with including Keeps, Burrow, Tushy, JUDY, and others... they will create content, advertise and sell FOR you, and all the orders get put right into your Shopify, so you still own the customer! You can also enter to win a Peloton here.

The Meat

Other than that, the greatest thing to happen since May, is ad CPMs have dropped (finally), now that election spending is pretty much wrapped up. On most brands, I'm seeing a 30-40% drop this past week, compared to October. It's time to hit the gas pedal. Because of that, I figured it would be great to share some resources I've been able to put together.

We're starting to get crafty with how we think about paid media... it's not always about the purchase. Right now, we're heavily focused on building audiences to re-market to later. That might mean building quizzes with Octane AI to collect emails, using SMS links (like this one) where it puts people into a flow and you have them later, or it might just even mean getting people to more educational landing pages (like this one) to retarget them later with an offer.

I also wanted to share this deck (click here to view) that came from QuickFrame, one of the vendors I work with often for performance video.

This 3-page update (click here to view) from Ampush Media is also great — they are the OG's of FB advertising (Uber, Dollar Shave Club, etc.)

This email (click here to read) from my friend Garrison at Facebook is incredible, as well as his full blog post explaining the technical side of performance marketing on the platform.​

That's all for this week's email. I know it's been a long week, so I didn't want to send a crazy amount of stuff... there's a lot going on.

My favorite brand of the week

Sweet Dreams!! If you’re like me, and you have insane trouble sleeping at night, I highly recommend the 1,500mg version of Sweet Dreams CBD oil. I didn’t have it last night because I ran out, and my recovery on Whoop went from a 95% avg to 40%. It helps me stay asleep.

The website is also really cute!

My favorite app/software of the week

LiveRecover for SMS checkout abandonment. It’s pretty incredible. I used to think, “Um, I don’t want some random bot texting my customer.” After testing it out with JUDY, I learned that it’s an automated first message, and then everything else is all human. They’ll even answer questions customers write, and their agents are pretty smart at navigating the FAQ and responding without being annoying about it.

It recovers so much potential revenue that we are just leaving on the table. I’ve since had them put onto brands like Poo~Pourri, JuneShine, and tons of others.

Definitely try it out. Dennis, the founder, is also a hilarious follow on Twitter.​


Most of the resources for this week are on the paid media side, shared above. Here are some other good ones:

Twitter dropped some insights around how consumers are behaving/interacting with upcoming holidays. Read it here.

Here are some fun graphic design ideas that can really make some boring old static creative POP. Also, CPMs on static creative are usually pretty low, so this is a great way to make the most of your paid dollar! (Shoutout to Daryll for sharing this with me)

My pic of the week…

If you watched the NBA finals closely, you saw Kyle Kuzma holding a very specific beverage (see the third slide here) in his hand called Barcode (it’s not out just yet) that he’s launching with Mubarak Malik, one of my favorite people in the world. Our Sharma Brands team is working on the launch, and this week Bar came through for a fun whiteboard session. Can’t wait to share the process of launching this with y’all!


Nik Sharma

CEO, Sharma Brands