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Report Cards

Automated snapshots of your performance delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly for free.

By continuing, you’ll be taken to Tydo’s sign-up page to get your free Report Cards account setup.

Report Cards by Sharma Brands x Tydo - Free automated performance reports for DTC brands | Product Hunt

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How It Works?

Connect in 60 Seconds. No Code Needed.

Connect your store and ad data in less than a minute! No pixel setup or code necessary. Just you and your login credentials :)

Free Automated Reports. Delivered Daily.

A Report Card of your business’ most important metrics will be automatically delivered to your inbox daily, weekly and monthly. It’s that simple!

Customize Frequency and Invite Team Members.

You can adjust your settings according to your schedule and team needs at any time! It’s all configured in your settings.

Getting Access to Your Report Card is Easy as 1, 2, 3.

See your most important metrics in one place by connecting three channels. Shopify calculates Revenue, Orders and AOV.

Integrate your ad channels of Facebook and Google Ads in order to see Spend, Blended CAC and Blended ROAS

Coming Soon

Report Cards Coming to SMS and Slack!

Shortly after getting your Report Cards set up through email, we’ll be launching the ability for you to receive via the channel that suits you best.

"Having done eCommerce since 1996, Report Cards is the culmination of everything a founder or head of marketing needs to see every morning."

Brian Sugar

Group Nine Media

"Every morning I start my day with a cup of hot coffee and JUDY’s Report Card, to figure out what I need to tackle for that day."

Simon Huck


Report Cards by Sharma Brands & Tydo



Completely free to use

Integrate in less than 60 seconds

Daily reports to your email + phone*

Properly-measured blended CPA across marketing channels

Pre-Built Reporting & Dashboards

Team of Data Scientists Actively Adding New Features

What is Tydo?

Tydo is an analytics platform that organizes complex data for DTC brands into a rich and intuitive dashboard. Data that you can use to make clear decisions and take deliberate action on. Data that moves with the currents of your business. No code or data analytst necessary!

At Tydo, we believe no operator should be constrained by access to quality data or limited by their own technical expertise. Let’s make waves together!

Tydo Dashboard

With Tydo, operators have a 360 degree view of their business under one integrated dashboard. From customer acquisition and retention to operations management and financial reporting, we reduce your workload, make your data actionable and allow you to make informed decisions on your business.


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